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Application for Business Licence by a Foreign Insurer

Name of the Application form:Application for Business Licence by a Foreign Insurer
Responsible agency:Section 3, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan
Application forms available for downloading:Application Form for Business Licence
Sample form:None
Legal basis:Regulations Governing Establishment and Business Operations of Branches of Foreign Insurance Companies
Application process:Application Flow Chart
Documents required to be attached:
  1. Application Form for Business Licence (The format is separately defined.)
  2. Photocopy of incorporation registration certificate of the branch;
  3. Capital verification certificate;
  4. Certificate proving that such deposit as is provided in Article 7 of the abovementioned Regulations has been paid;
  5. Authenticated letter of authorization for the responsible person;
  6. Rosters of and qualification certificates for the managers, actuaries, underwriters, adjusters, and other significant employees;
  7. Operation rules and procedures for the branch;
  8. Other documents required by the competent authority.

    Note 1. Any of the aforementioned documents which are in foreign language shall be submitted together with the Chinese translation thereof.
    Note 2. The operation rules mentioned in Paragraph 7 shall contain the following:
    (1) Organization structure, and functions and duties of different departments;
    (2) Personnel recruitment, management and training;
    (3) Internal control system;
    (4) Business principles and policies;
    (5) Operation manuals and division of authorities and duties;
    (6) Other matters.
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