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General Supervision Division


1.      The planning of insurance supervision policies, the processing of statistics data, and liaison and the conducting of information matters
2.      The conducting of consumer protection and insurance literacy related matters
3.      The formulation of amending, abolishing, and the inquiry answering of the “Insurance Act”
4.      The supervision and management of insurance fraud and anti-money laundering
5.      The planning and conducting of international and cross-strait insurance affairs and systems
6.      The supervision and management of business operations of professional reinsurance enterprises  
7.      The supervision and management of insurance agency, broker and surveyor.
8.      The supervision and management of Taiwan Insurance Institute, the Insurance Anti-Fraud Institute of The R.O.C., and other related associations.
9.      Any other matters related to general supervision of insurance.
Non-Life Insurance Supervision  Division


1.      Supervision on financial business of non life insurance companies.
2.      Reviewing non-life insurance products , Promoting and managing new types of non-life insurance products.
3.      Enactmend,amendment,abolishment and explanation of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance and Residential Earthquake Insurance laws and relative regulations,and reviewing related insurance products.
4.      Supervision and management on the non-life insurance companies doing business on Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance and Residential Earthquake Insurance.
5.      Supervision on The Non-life Insurance Association Of The Republic Of China and non life insurance institutes.
6.      Supervision on equity management and merger of non-life insurance companies.
7.      Affairs of non-life insurance supervision.
Life Insurance Supervision Division


1.      Supervision and Administration on financial and business statuses of life insurance companies.
2.      Review of life insurance products,promotion and supervision of new-typed life insurance products.
3.      Prescription,revision, abolishment and explanation of related regulations of life insurance products.
4.      Supervision and administration on foundations associated with life insurance matters and the Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China.
5.      Supervision and administration on change of control, acquisition and merger of life insurance companies.
6.      Supervision of other matters relating to life insurance.
Financial Supervision Division

1.      Formulation and amendment of regulations and systems regarding actuarial statistics and reserving of insurance company.

2.      Formulation and amendment of solvency system of insurance company.
3.      Formulation and amendment of appointed actuary system and supervision of actuarial association.
4.      Planning and management of insurance accounting system.
5.      Management of the insurance financial and business report and the early warning system.
6.      Formulating, amending, repeal, and explaining laws and regulations for the insurance funds.
7.      formulation and regulation of the exit of trouble insurers from the market; supervision and regulation of Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund.
8.      Others about financial supervisory.

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