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FSC reminds consumers of matters for attention when purchasing interest-sensitive insurance products

The FSC reminds consumers to pay attention to the following matters when buying interest-sensitive insurance products:
1.The declared interest rate of the interest-sensitive insurance of each insurer differs. Consumers should not just take the level of declared interest rates into account when buying such a product, they should carefully consider if the scope of coverage meets their needs and compare related public information before purchasing insurance products.
2.Although interest-sensitive insurance products have a declared interest rates mechanism, as they are long-term contracts, if policyholders want to terminate the contract in advance, they may be charged surrender fees and unable to take back all the premium they paid.
3.Because some interest-sensitive insurance products are denominated in foreign currency, including the premiums, policy proceeds and other payments, consumers should pay attention to exchange rate risks when buying such products. Before buying interest-sensitive insurance products, consumers can request a sample of policy terms and conditions from the insurers. Consumers should carefully select the insurance products which are the most suitable for their needs after obtaining thorough understanding of the products.
Visitor: 116   Update: 2019-05-21