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*Is it recommended to buy insurance products through banking and securities companies? Is there anything that we need to pay special attention to?


1.It is common nowadays to receive insurance product information and buy policies from either banking or securities companies. 2.Basically, there should not be any difference in buying insurance products from either banking, securities companies or an representative from the insurance company. However, we would suggest that you get answers to the following questions before you decide to buy an insurance product: [i]. Which insurance company are you buying from? [ii]. Is the representative qualified to sell the product? [iii]. Does the representative have the ability to match the customer’s needs? [iv]. Does the representative have the necessary professional knowledge to handle customer’s queries? [v]. Is the representative honest to the customers regarding the company heshe is representing and the product heshe is selling? If you still have any queries about the information provided by the representative, each insurance company offers a toll-free service line that you can call, or you could seek advice from the Insurance Bureau or Life Insurance Association.

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