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*Is an original receipt for medical expenses required in the case of duplication of medical insurance

Articles 48 and 57 of the “ Directions for the Review of Life Insurance Products” require that where an insured party informs an insurance company upon applying for insurance that he or she has also purchased other commercial cost-reimbursement-type insurance and the insurance company does not refuse to insure, then the company is still liable for payment of insurance benefits corresponding to that portion of benefits already received under another insurance contract for the same insured event. If insurance is duplicated without notification being made, then the company is not liable for payment of insurance benefits corresponding to social insurance or benefits under another insurance contract that have already been received, but the company is required to refund any excess insurance premiums already paid. The above situation must be stated clearly in the policy and agreed to and signed by the proposer, otherwise, when the circumstances arise, the insurer must treat the policy as valid, and may not refuse to perform its obligations under the policy on the grounds that the insured has not furnished an original receipt.
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